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I really hate school!!!!!!!!
I have had like two tests this week, failed them both, and I have to do an ethics´ survey about 
"What different religions think about electronics" or something like that... and I picked that subject...wise me...>:(

well,I shall work even harder^^

....soon ;)

I pout, pout,pout...

Where should I start? Nowdays it feels like that anything you ever feel is irritated... at somebody or at something.... Let me light things a little:)

1. When outside you freeze your ass...many times...
2. School sucks, and I don´t know what I want (to do when I "grow up"):::
3.My computer makes so much noise that our neighbors can probably hear it too...(their problem....hah) I (somebody else) should vacuum it...

4. Mum always tells to not be on the computer too much (is 5-6 hours a day much?), so I trick her by being on the computer via phone (she doesn't know you can go to internet with them...so sad in a way:), and so mum thinks I´m always texting to someone when I am happily reading fanfiction and so nags at me not to use my phone so much or bill will become too high... gladly I have my iPod though.... Nagging mums are the worst when you are trying to do something fun...
5. I need money for my YesAsia things! seriously, when did I spent them...$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!
6. I just bought a book where is listed about 2000and1 things to get irritated and after reading some of them, they really start to annoy you...so sad..:)) though one of the best books I have ever read!! (should put some parts and quotes of it here.......:D
7. BUT  gladly I have fanfiction and K-pop with me, so everything is fine! <3333

SUPER JUNIOR M DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333(MISS U Hannie......)

... should I be an optician........


Argh, this week has been horrible. It's been freezing cold, -25C at the very least, on several days up to -32C. And I have to walk nearly 3 km to school and then back and the thick clothes are so uncomfortable... The teachers make us go outside during recess, because the air conditioning in our school doesn't work, which is totally ridiculous, because when everybody finally gets dressed to go out, it's already time to come inside. And then they complain if we're late for class. And as if that isn't enough, I have a cold. My nose and my eyes are constantly runny, and I'm really tired. Last night I had these red splothes under my swollen eyes. My skin's dry in the winter already...  I'm not enjoying this any.
Also, there's like five different school projects I need to get done within the month, not to mention applying to high school. Although I already know where I'm applying, and it's pretty certain I'll get in, but it still sucks. So yeah, life's good.
On the plus side, if I'm still sick tomorrow, I won't have to go to school. :)
Also Big Bang and SuJu M comebacks are next week <333 Why must they be right next to each other, though...

Our first entry!

Welcome to our still pretty empty journal. We just created this account...
There's two of us using this account, because we write stuff together, so it's easier that way.

If we're posting together, we'll use this smiley pic, but if we'll write things (mostly ramblings) on this account separately, we'll use different user pics:)

Mirkku will use this one 

and Mint will use this one

We'll upload some of our stories later, but not for a while since we've written so little this far and don't get the chance to write together very frequently.

End greetings are hard. :D so lame bye will do!



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